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Enriching Experiences

Forces Workshop with Mr B.

During the workshop, the children shared their knowledge of forces with Mr. B before focusing on air resistance and how it has an impact on how things move through the air. We discovered that air resistance is a form of friction as well as discovering air resistance is caused by air pushing against a moving object. We also know that streamlined objects, such as a plane, travel through air more easily than objects which are not streamlined. 


"I found the workshop with Mr. B extremely fun. We were able to make our own paper aeroplanes and tested the impact air resistance had on each one. Did you know, the more streamlined an object is, the easier it is for it to travel through the air?"   Charlie


"I found it so fun making lots of different types of paper planes and then testing them. I couldn't believe that the smallest adjustments with the folds would slow the speed down and create less air resistance!" Lily

Planetarium Visit


What an exciting introduction Year 5 have had to their new 'Earth and Space' Science topic! They have been lucky enough to visit the astonishing planetarium located at the World Museum. They took part in a workshop, finding out all about the different planets in our solar system and about searches for alien life!


Sadie: '1.3 million versions of Earth would fit inside the Sun!'


Harley: 'Our moon is actually a satellite but most of us thought it was a planet!'

Investigating Water Resistance and Friction


As part of our forces topic, Year 5 have been learning about the different forces that can slow objects down. We carried out an investigation to find out about which shapes are the most streamlined and therefore have the least amount of water resistance acting on them. We also found out about how the surface that an object is moving on can affect the amount of water resistance.


Luke: 'Did you know that sharks can move through the water easily because their bodies are streamlined?'


Madison: 'The rough surface slowed the car down the most on the ramp because it had the most friction acting upon it!'