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Enriching Experiences

Enriching Experiences


We allow for experiences, both in and out of school, to enrich and broaden our pupils' cultural experience and immerse them in their learning journey. 

Check back in Spring 2 - where, among other activities, we will be embarking on an enriching experience when we create some Human Bar-Charts as part of our statistics work. 


As well as this, in Summer 1, Year 3 (alongside the rest of the school) will be taking part in our famous X-Factor Times-Tables Competition! 


Making human bar charts!
Coordinates and orienteering at PGL
Visiting a local shop to add amounts!
Selecting appropriate items to fit our budget!
Selecting appropriate items to fit our budget!
Should we spoil ourselves? We can afford it!
Do we have enough?!
Making the exchange!
A happy shopper!
Working out the measures for our health pizza!
Using ratio and proportion in D&T!
We needed to use Maths to work out the timings!
Using Maths to cook food!

Pupil Voice:


"I enjoy using maths in different situations. I loved going to the supermarket and working within a budget to buy groceries, which involved us having to add money up mentally!" - Patricia T


"Human Bar Charts was my favourite lesson this year! I enjoyed being able to do something practical and it brought the lesson to life." - Summer T


"We used Maths in D&T to measure the amounts of each food that we needed to include on our healthy pizza. We needed to have the correct amount of certain nutrients and this led to us using ratio and proportion. The hardest part was working out how long we needed to heat our pizza for!" - Anthony R