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Enriching Experiences

Living Things and Their Habitats


Working Scientifically Focus: Observing

Year 4 have visited our Science Garden to observe habitats in their local environment and compare them to habitats in the wider environment. Observing closely, they identified many living things from ladybirds to spiders to flowers!



Electricity – Constructing Simple Circuits

 With the help of Mr. B, Year 4 took part in a fantastic electricity workshop. We learnt about the history of electricity including how the ancient Greeks discovered static electricity by rubbing amber. After learning about both static and free flowing electricity, it was time to move on and have a go ourselves at creating some simple circuits. We got to make bulbs, buzzers, switches and motors work, as well as sending each other some messages in Morse code using our switch!



Sound - Investigating Pitch

After learning about how to change the pitch of a sound, we used our understanding to make predictions and plan an investigation to answer the question ‘how does changing the length of a straw affect the pitch of the sound it makes?’


'We found out that when the straw was shorter, the pitch was higher because the vibration was faster!' – Lilly






States of Matter – Identifying and Grouping Solids, Liquids and Gases

After learning about the properties of each state of matter, we have been closely observing different materials to decide whether they are solids, liquids or gases. Using our scientific oracy skills, we explained our findings to the class and explained why we thought the material was a particular state of matter.


'I think that the ketchup is a liquid because even though it is thick you can still pour it and it takes the shape of the container - it just pours more slowly!' – Ellis




Changing State: Melting and Freezing


Year 4 have been learning about changes of state and how the arrangement of particles changes. They have observed freezing in action by creating their own ice pops! They visited the kitchen to put their liquid lollies into the freezer. They left their ice pops overnight and the next day they were frozen and ready to eat in the Science garden!


The particles in the liquid ice pop slowed down and got closer together when it was put into the freezer.



When you held the ice pop in your hand you could feel the solid turning back into a liquid because it was warming up!


British Science Week 2021


The theme of this year's British Science Week is 'Innovating for the Future'. During this week, we have been thinking about what innovation means by taking part in a range of activities from a wonderful virtual workshop to designing our own RoboBugs!

Working Scientifically - will the bulb light up?

Our children have been using their knowledge of circuits to predict and test whether the bulb would light up in each of the example circuits.

Birds of Prey


Today we were visited by the Welsh Birds of Prey centre to learn about some amazing birds of prey! During the session, the children learnt lots of information about the diets, habitats and distinguishing features of the different birds displayed. This linked with many of our Science topics including classification. Our favourite bird was the naughty Eurasian Eagle owl! Some children were lucky enough to be chosen to handle the birds and even walk with them back to their perch. Well done to all of the children who were brave and sensible in handling the birds! Here are some of our favourite snaps from the day: