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Dreams and Goals

Thinking about our future aspirations 

Year 5 have began their topic of 'Dreams and Goals' by exploring different vocations and the lifestyle they involve. Some of the questions we considered were: How many hours do doctors work? Would a 9-5 job suit your life aspirations? Would you consider a jab that travels? How much money would you need to earn to achieve your aspired lifestyle?


"When I am older I want to be a football player." - Stephen


"When I am older, I want to play as a professional footballer in the Women's Super League." - Isabella


"I want to be a successful fashion designer when I an older because I have always had an obsession with clothes being designed and created." - Myaih

Researching potential careers 


After exploring different careers, the children thought about what job they might like to have when they are older. They considered their strengths and interests when thinking about a career that they may enjoy. Once they had made a choice, they researched the job on the national career service website. This helped the children to understand what skills and qualifications they would need for their chosen career. 


"I know that in order to be successful when I am older and to ensure I have a successful career, I need to work hard in school to develop the skills required and earn the qualifications needed for specific jobs." - Evie


"After researching potential careers, I understand that I have to work hard in order to be successful." - Urwah

Considering 'Dreams and Goals' in other cultures

An important aspect of this topic (and being global citizens) is considering how people's aspirations change depending on their culture and circumstance. We looked at the life of two children named Mary, both from Kenya, and compared how their experiences have impacted upon their 'Dreams and Goals'. 


"I understand that it is extremely important that people work hard to achieve their dreams and goals. I also know that some people have to work harder than others due to their backgrounds and as a result I have a lot more respect for people around the world." - Amelia


"I enjoyed learning about the two different children because it gave us the opportunity to explore the lives of two people living in close together (in the same country) yet have extremely different lifestyles." - Anthony