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Dreams and Goals

Dreams and Goals


In our PSHE lessons, we have been considering the hopes, dreams and goals that we have for the future.  We recognised the emotions that we experience when thinking about others who are suffering in our world and considered how we empathise with people who are living in these difficult situations. Thinking about the Common Good, we brainstormed ways that we could work with other people to help make the world a better place.

Pupil Voice


"I feel lucky to have access to the amazing opportunities that our school provides for us.  I know that in other places around the world, I would not even have the chance to go to school because I am a girl. Even though this is completely wrong, I still feel privileged to learn and take part in all the amazing trips!" Caitlin


"I set myself goals regularly. As part of our Activity Passport, I set myself the challenge of learning the piano. Firstly, I began to teach myself using YouTube videos, but now I attend weekly lessons.  I am really proud of this and hope to have enough confidence to play for the school during assembly one week!" Joseph

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