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Dreams and Goals

Dreams and Goals!


As part of our recent PSHE focus, Dreams and Goals, Year 3 have enjoyed the opportunity to explore and celebrate the goals people set themselves and the challenges they overcome in order to achieve them.


We started by looking at the challenges different people face and must overcome on a daily basis including disabilities, illness and fears/worries as well as exploring ways in which people can overcome the obstacles they face on a daily basis. Afterwards, we worked together to design gardens which would benefit those who face daily obstacles. In order to design gardens which supported people in the best possible ways, we shared our ideas as a class before exploring things such as ponds, climbing frames, benches, ect. which we believe would best support individuals. 


Furthermore, throughout the week we identified dreams and goals we have before working together to establish ways in which we can achieve them. Breaking down the challenges we may face in achieving our goals into smaller goals enabled us to discuss ways in which we can remain motivated and enthusiastic when striving to achieve our aspirations. 


We all agree that overcoming challenges can be difficult, however we also agree that by overcoming them we have the best possible opportunities to achieve our goals and dreams! 

Pupil Voice:


"I loved talking about goal-setting and the steps that we can take to reach our dreams. We spoke about how a dream can be different for everyone and how this is okay." -  Kyle SC


"My Activity Passport helps me to set goals. I love ticking things off and planning how I am going to meet my next target. My favourite one so far has been learning to cook something new - I made a Pizza!" - Kaci SC


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