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Celebrating Difference

Celebrating Differences: 

As part of our PSHE topic 'Celebrating Difference', Year 3 have been exploring what makes individuals special! We began the week exploring the differences between families while also celebrating what makes a family unique which included looking at both the love family members have and the conflicts which happen in the family home. While exploring families, we ensured we focused on our own family to show the appreciation we have for our loved ones.  


Furthermore, after developing an understanding of what makes a family unique, we moved on to explore and develop our understanding of bullying and the consequences it has on people. We explored a story about bullying which led to some extremely thoughtful class discussions relating to how bullying makes us feel before participating in activities such as 'Switch' which gave us more opportunities to celebrate our differences. 


This week has been extra special for us! Celebrating our differences has really opened our eyes to how special being unique is!

Pupil Voice: 


"I loved this topic because I discovered that it is okay to be different. Differences should be celebrated and I am fortunate to have people in my class are different and have different beliefs."  Bella O


"People in my class have differences and we know that this is okay. Children have different skin colour, different religions, different health and medical issues and it is good to be surrounded by a variety of people that make our lives more enriched."  Olivia M 



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