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Celebrating Difference

Can a difference in culture cause conflict?

Year 5 have been considering what can cause conflict between people from different cultures. They came up with the idea that, conflict can arise when we don't understand something from another culture. The children then decided that, if we talk to each other, and celebrate our differences, then we can create harmony and not conflict.


"I know that being different is okay and should be celebrated. There is no place for conflict in the world and there should definitely be no conflict due to the fact that people have different cultures and live in different ways." - Emily


"I have friends who are different and that is special. We are all unique and that should be celebrated!" - Lily



Exploring Racism 


During this topic, the children have looked at instances that can cause conflict between different groups of people. Racism can occur during this conflict. It can be hard for the children to understand the effects of racism, if they have not experienced it for themselves, so it was important for them to listen to the experience of other children who have. 


"It is unfair and unjust when people are mean to others because of their skin colour, ethnicity or culture. Racism is wrong and I don't understand why anyone cares what other people look like." - Daniel


"Although everyone is unique, people are all humans and it is wrong that some people are judged because of the colour of their skin. Fighting racism is the right thing to do as everybody deserves to have equal rights." - Isabelle 


"I don't understand why people are discriminative towards others others due to their race. Even though we are all different on the outside, we are all humans and deserve to be treated equally." - Kaidyn