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Celebrating Difference

Should we judge others by their appearance?

Year 4 have been considering how assumptions can influence their judgements of other people. We understand everyone is different and recognise the importance of celebrating the different characters and appearances of people inside our school community and outside of it. 


Excitingly, each child got to look through a pair of tinted glasses and had to make an assumption on each picture or statement. Afterwards, the children put on a pair of clear lenses and realised what they were seeing was in fact reality. They were no longer letting their assumptions get in the way.


"Sometimes it is very easy to judge a person by their appearance. However, it is very important that we remember we should never judge a book by its cover - we must look within." - Bella C


"Everyone looks different and that is what makes us all so special - we are unique. I think if we all looked the same we would be pretty boring!." - Tyler S 


"Not only does everyone look different but also, everyone has different opinions and beliefs. It is important that these are respected. Sometimes if people don't respect others it can lead to bullying!" - Ruby K