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Being Me In My World

Being Me In My World 


To welcome each other into our new classes, we discussed what it feels like to be part of a team. The children compared the feelings of two different children. One child was included in a group whilst the other was excluded from a group. They discussed how they think the children are feeling and why. They also considered how they would feel if it was themselves in the pictures. Almost all of the children agreed that being included makes them feel happy, safe and secure.


As a result of this discussion we looked at what it takes to be a valued member of a team. The children ranked the importance of team work skills such as communication, co-operation, listening, problem solving and many more. We then used these ideas to think about our school community and all of the different roles and responsibilities people have to keep our school running successfully.


After this, the children were introduced to The UNCRC. We looked at why it is important for children to have their own rights as well as the importance of respecting the rights of each other to ensure we are all happy, healthy and safe. 


"I feel happy when I am chosen to play with my friends. If I see another child who is left out, I will ask them to play with us." - Mia S


"We all have the right to an education. This also means that we should follow the rules in class so that everyone can learn." - Finley F