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Being Me in My world

Being Me In My World


At the start of our new journey in our new school, we considered what we are looking forward to, as well as any fears and worries that we may have. We shared these feelings with our classmates and our new teachers loved hearing 'All About Us' as we presented using our shields. 


After that, we discussed ways that we can help to make our school community a better place & what would make our school a 'Nightmare School' or a 'Dream School'.


To round off our first three days in our school, we engaged in conversations about the importance of rewards and consequences, before pondering how best to work well with others and deciding on our own Learning Charter. 


Pupil Voice:


'I really enjoyed discussing what makes our school special and getting to know my new classmates, as I am from a different infants school to the rest of them.' - Olivia M 


'My favourite Piece this week was writing the letter to Sam. We all know exactly how Sam feels as we have all had our own worries about joining the Juniors!' - Jake C


'The best part about this week was using our imaginations to talk about our Dream School and our Nightmare School. It made me smile when we realised that most of the things that I listed for 'Dream School' are things that are already happening in Year 3.' - Harrison M. 


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