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Being Me In My World

Being Me In My World


As we started the new year together, we considered our worries and fears for our new class, what we would learn and even looked forward to our transition into secondary school. We then focused on what we were looking forward to and set ourselves some hopes and dreams, keeping in mind how we would achieve these goals without our worries standing in our way.


We also learnt about universal rights for children and how these are fundamental to helping children succeed in life. We compared our own lives to children working on cocoa plantation farms in Ghana, Africa, to consider what is the same and different about the opportunities and life chances that we have.


Finally, we looked at the rights and responsibilities of everyone, and thought about our reward and consequence system would be impacted if we infringed on these universal rules. We then centred this into our own classroom, and thought about our own reward and consequence system to ensure that everyone learnt in a safe and happy environment.


Pupil Voice


'I really enjoyed when we had the chance to vote in a democratic way during the final piece of the jigsaw. At first, we voted in confidence by closing our eyes and putting our hands up.  It was surprising to see how the totals changed when we all voted with others watching us.  It taught us that it is crucial to use your own voice and stick up for what you believe in and not be persuaded by what others might think.' Eoin M


'It's easy for us to pick up a chocolate bar from the way home from school without thinking of how it affects other people across the world. This lesson helped me to empathise with children of my own age who do not have the same opportunities as me just because of where they were born in the world. It makes me feel grateful for everything I have.' Oliver S



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