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Acquistion of knowledge and skills

Living Things and Their Habitats 


The Local Environment 

After observing living things in the local environment, the children researched how the local environment changes throughout the year and how this affects the living things found there.

Classifying Vertebrates

After researching and acquiring knowledge about the vertebrate groups, our children have been creating their own riddles to describe different vertebrates!

States of Matter: Identifying and Grouping Solids, Liquids and Gases


After learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases, our children have been using their observation skills to determine which state of matter different materials belong to. They used their scientific reasoning skills to explain why and identified similarities and differences.


Salt was tricky to group because although it is a solid, you can pour the grains into a different container.



Coke was a liquid because it takes the shape of its container.


Sound: History Focus


After learning about how sounds travel through vibrations, our pupils have been learning about key discoveries in the development of devices for those with hearing problems. They have used their historical chronology skills to place the events on a timeline and described the developments using their oracy skills.

Learning how sound is made

Our children have been acquiring knowledge about how sound is made by working scientifically and taking part in a number of exciting investigations. For example, they hit a tuning fork and put it into a bowl of water and the water splashed up! When they hit a drum skin covered in rice, the rice bounced up off the drum! The children concluded that sound is made by vibrations.


'It was amazing when I saw the ping pong ball start to move when I hit it with the tuning fork. The vibrations made the ball swing from side to side!'


'When we hit the drum harder, the rice bounced up higher because the vibrations were stronger!'


History of electricity

Our pupils have been researching into famous scientists who discovered electricity and writing in depth reports, sequencing the key events.


'I can't believe that Benjamin Franklin purposely wanted to be struck with lightening to prove that it was electrical - this was so dangerous!'


Did you know that street lighting was the first public use of electricity?