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Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills

Antoni Gaudi Lizards

Inspired by their learning in geography about Barcelona, Year 4 pupils have been creating their own unique, brightly-coloured lizard sculptures.Working with our resident artist, children had to mould paper into the shape of the lizard's body parts, which were then wrapped in colourful packaging tape. Next, the children had to join together the head, body and tail to make a central structure, before connecting the legs to a make the basic shape of their lizards. Finally, the children added physical details, such as eyes and a tongue, before decorating them - taking inspiration from the mosaic tiles used in Gaudi's designs.

This was a creative way of linking learning across the curriculum and enabling children to demonstrate their art and design skills, as well as their individual creativity and artistic flare.  

William Morris

Year 4 pupils have been learning about the British textiles designer and artist, William Morris. As we as learning how his designs were created by using coloured pattern templates to build the design in layers of repeating patterns, pupils also discovered lots of interesting facts, such as how he was also a poet and novelist, which they used to create their own illustated William Morris fact files. Pupils then practiles drawing their versions of the leaves, flowers, birds and insects found in his artistic designs, before independently creating their own Morris inspired designs patterns.


'It was really interesting learning how William Morris created his designs and about how he liked to use lots of plants and animals to create repeating patterns. I used birds and flowers in my design because I thought they were really beautiful!' - Emily

Pablo Picasso 

Having analysed some of Gaudi's work, it was over to our pupils to evaluate the artwork of one of the world's most famous artist Pablo Picasso. Using ipads for research, pupils explored the feelings of the artist throughout different phases of his life and artwork. 


"I really liked that Picasso's 'Blue period' reflected how many people, Including himself, at that time." - Evie K-W, Class 5 

Art Skills - Drawing and Shading Techniques

Year 4 pupils have been learning about using different drawing and shaping techniques, including those used by the renowned renaissance artist Leonard de Vinci. In addition, children have also been learning about drawing three dimensional shapes and forms.