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Acquisition of knowledge and skills

Making new plants via asexual reproduction

In class we looked at asexual reproduction. We considered its advantages and disadvantages whilst comparing them to the advantages and disadvantages of sexual reproduction. The children then took cuttings from a lavender plant and replanted them in a small pot. We will observe the growth of the plants over time.


"I loved the smell of the lavender plant! i would like to grow my own at home." Lizzie


"It was interesting to see how we can grow clones of plants without using seeds." - Eoin 

Forces in DT

Our children have been using their D&T skills to explore and show understanding of forces in relation to bridges including compression, torsion and tension.


"Bridges need to be strong enough to handle many different forces." - Daniel 


"It was interesting to see how most forces that act on the bridges are versions of a push or pull." Oliver 


Famous Philosophers 

Our children have been learning about ancient philosophers and their theories to write in depth reports about the discovery of forces. They focused on Geo-centric and Helio-centric discoveries of the solar system. 


"I felt sorry for Galileo as he was correct but still had to be on house arrest." Finley


"I can understand why people thought that earth was at the centre of the universe. When you look up at the sky, it looks like everything is revolving around us." - Lola

Water resistance 

During our topic of forces, year 5 conducted an experiment to test water resistance. Using blue tack, we created 3 shapes with very different surface area and then dropped them into a long tube of water whilst we timed how long it took them to fall. The result was that the more streamline shape had less water resistance.


"My prediction was correct. The streamline shape fell the fasted as it has less water resistance." - Isaac


"I can see why submarines are shaped the way that they are. So they can fast through the water." - Luke