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15.4.17 - Military Schools Class 8

Military Schools


Class 8 were flung into combat this week when they were visited by Tommy from Military Schools. They were set a range of tasks to develop their teamwork skills and to demonstrate the CDRILS core responsibilities - courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and self-less commitment.

Children thoroughly enjoyed the challenges set and showed what great things they can achieve when working together as a team: a core value in our ethos at St Francis de Sales.

Magnetic Bomb – Could they work as a team to guide a tennis ball from one side of the cage to the other through a series of pipes being careful not to let the ‘bomb’ drop and explode?

Nuclear Reactor – Could the team manage to remove the reactor from the target area and get it to safety using just a rope making sure it didn’t fall over and detonate?

Quicksand River – Could they cross the path using tyres and planks without falling into the sand?

Class 8 showed excellent problem solving skills and determination throughout and most of all great success when working together. Well done!