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Year 5: Project 6 - Geography: Biomes and Vegetation Belts; Layers of the Rainforest

Geography: Biomes and Vegetation Belts - Layers of the Rainforest


Well done on getting this far with your home learning! This week, we will be focusing on Geography. Think back to what we learned about South America as we are now going to zone into the Biome and Vegeation Belt of the Rainforest. This topic will walk you through the rainforest, intrcoducing you to the sights and sounds of this incredible part of our world. You will delve deeper into the forest by learning about the layers of the rainforest and the vegetation and animals that you might find there. 


Look at the power point that will teach you about the layers of the rainforest within the Forest Biome. There is also a link for you to watch a short clip showing you the rainforest. Use the hand-out to help you draw a cross-section of the layers of the rainforest on a plain piece of paper and label it and glue into your book.  Drawing on plain paper rather than straight into your book will look better if you make a mistake and you need to rub it out. Use at least half a page (A5 or A5). Underneath, write subheadings for each layer and describe the layer. I have given you some additional websites and video clips to extend your learning about animals and vegetation that you may wish to include. 


STOP PRESS.........Check out the WWF website! Today (Friday) they have uploaded a lesson on Forests that gives you some fun activities for the week including going on a garden safari and creating your own forest habitat! 

Use this link:,118RN,7AX9DU,3XV9F,1

Enjoy and stay safe!