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Year 5: Project 16 - Science: Earth and Space

Earth and Space 


This week, you will be recapping everything you learnt earlier in the year during the topic 'Earth and Space'. You will start by studying the planets. Think about the order of the planets and how this effects their size etc. For example, the gas giants and ice giants are at the edge of the solar system whilst the smaller planets are closer to the sun. Can you remember why this is?


After that, you will use your knowledge to create your own planet! you decide how big it is, how close it is to the sun, and hot it is etc. Even though your planet is fictional, we still want the science to be correct. Think about its size; where about would a planet of that size develop within our solar system and how would that affects it temperature? Consider whether there would be life on your planet. Earth sits in the 'Goldilocks Zone' which means the conditions are just right for life to thrive.


For the next two tasks, you will look at the orbits of The Earth and The Moon. First, you will create and information leaflet describing why we experience day and night the way we do on Earth. Then you will look back at the phases of the moon and think about why we see the moon in many different forms. 


To end the project, there is an ebook called 'Jazz Harper: The space Explorer.' Have a read of the indicated chapters and answer the questions. Once you have finished, fell free to read the rest of the story and uncover the mystery.


Below you can find videos and PowerPoints to support you with this project as well as the great ebook 'Jazz Harper: The space Explorer.'



Task 1 & 2's Video

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