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Year 5: Project 15 - Geography: Grid References

Mapping Skills: 6 Figure References


This week you will be learning an important geographical skill: how to read a map using 6 figure grid references. You may remember that in year 4, you learned about 4 figure grid references so we will recap on this skills before moving on to the next stage. Don't worry, you will not need an Ordnance Survey map (OS map) since we have provided maps for you to work with for each task here. So once complete, fellow geographers, you will be able be well on your way to navigating around an OS map and the wonderful landscape that we inhabit. So off you go explorers! Follow the tasks each day and see where this week's journey will take you!

How to use four figure grid references - Geographical skills

Have a look at these videos to help you understand.

6 figure grid references

How to use 6 figure grid references