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Year 5: Project 14 - Art: Amazon Art - John Dyer

Art: The Spirit of the Rainforest - John Dyer


This week, you will explore the British Artist John Dyer. In 1989, he explored the Amazon as a photographer and this fantastic experience turned him into an artist and painter.


You will learn all about John Dyer's art and collaboration with Amazon Indian Nixiwaka Yawanawá. The project has resulted in a spectacular exhibition of large paintings and a rare glimpse into a new genre of Amazon Rainforest Tribal Art. The Eden Project brought these two creatives together in a unique cultural exchange to create a new exhibition of paintings that inspired a new generation to connect to the Rainforest.



An Introduction to British / Cornish Artist John Dyer

John Dyer Spirit of the Rainforest Exhibition at the Eden Project, UK.

Spirit of the Rainforest

Two artists from opposite sides of the globe teamed up to encourage a new generation of artists to create works inspired by the rainforest.

Eden Project: an overview

The Eden Project, an educational charity, connects us with each other and the living world, exploring how we can work towards a better future.