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Year 5: Project 12 - Science - Human Development

Human Development 



This week, you will be learning about the different stages of human development. You will start by exploring how babies develop before they are born, this is referred to as the prenatal and gestation periods. Then, you will move onto the next stage of development, babies. Babies grow and learn a lot in their first year of life. Next, skipping a few stages, you will look at the changes that occur in the human body during old age. You will look at the causes of these changes and consider ways to help old people stay healthier for longer.


To finish off your project, you will take a quick look at the stages between childhood and old age and combine all of the knowledge you have acquired during this project into a 'Human Development timeline'. You can display the timeline however you like, the important part is to describe the changes that happen between each of the stages. You could display it as; a poster, a video with members of your family, a big timeline in the garden or any other way you can think of!