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St. Francis de Sales Catholic Junior School

Non Excidet

Year 5

Art Skills

Sketching our self-portraits








"Drawing our self portraits was really fun and I especially liked

learning how to draw noses and eyes. I definitely need more practise,

but I have lots of new ideas to work with now."

Taylor - Class 11

Class Art 

Designing and making Viking Shields and longboats








"It was really interesting designing and making our Viking Longboats.

We learned lots of techniques such as reverse tracing, and

experimented with different paints and marker pens."

IG - Class 9 



"Not only did I enjoy making my Viking Shield,

but also I loved researching about the different

designs. Did you know red shields signaled war, whereas white meant peace? 

It was lots of fun!"

SD - Class 12 

Carnival mask making








"It was great to be really creative and make our masks exactly how we wanted.

My favourite part was using all of the different materials

such as acrylic paints, feathers and sequins."

Harry - C10



Designing a new memorial for LFC!