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14/05/19 - Art Workshop with Becky: Viking Long Ships

After learning about the Vikings, Becky visited Year 5 to create wonderful Viking long ships to showcase our historical knowledge and art skills.


We looked at a variety of Viking long ships and began by sketching various designs into our sketch books. Using these designs, we then drew out how we wanted the bow of the ship to look onto card ready to be painted and varnished. Once the ship had dried, we scratched away some of the varnish to create a textured look for the surface of the ship. To complete the look, we used fine tip paint pens to design the sail of the ship and Viking shields to decorate the sides.

We think they are ready to sail off to discover new lands, raid monasteries and would thoroughly please the Gods! I’m sure Odin himself would approve.


Check out our wonderful creations below!

Class 12