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Year 4’s trip to Chester

We were Roman all over the place!

Our trip to Chester was a great success. When we arrived we were marching around Chester shouting “SIN!  SIN!  SIN, DEX, SIN!” It was an interesting experience! 


Next, we went into the Roman gardens and we were shown by a centurion how to be a Roman soldier. After that we went to the amphitheatre to see where the gladiators fought, and we shouted “Jugular!” (which means DIE!) when Miss Henney lost an epic rock, paper, scissors battle. Later, we took a tour around a museum with our guide Jenny. We saw lots of interesting things like seeing rocks from Roman times and medieval times.



Here are some interesting facts: the Romans went to the toilet with a sponge (yuck!); they loved to have a bath and gladiators had to pay for their own things from their wages.

We had an amazing time and can’t wait to tell everybody about it!


By Lucie and Ella
Class 7