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Year 4 - Trip to Chester

This week, Year 4 took a step back in time as they became Roman soldiers for the day! Isabelle will tell you more...



During our trip, we took part in a workshop, where we got to work at different stations and learn about different things from the Roman era. One was where we acted as archaeologists and pretended that we were finding Roman artefacts and another one taught us about old Roman food recipes. After lunch, we met a fierce Roman soldier, who gave us armour and shields to wear for the rest of the trip. We went to an amphitheatre and acted like soldiers. For example, we were charging at our 'enemies' and making walls with shields to defend ourselves from the enemy. Following that, we were told how the audience in the amphitheatre would have acted at a real gladiator fight! Apparently, there were even market stalls underneath the seats of the amphitheatres. After our final 'battle', we got back on the coach and headed home. 

Isabelle, Class 7