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Year 4: Project 11 - Spanish

Year 4 Home Learning Project - Spanish

Hola, niños y niñas!


This week, your project will be focusing on Spanish! After studying Spain in Geography, this week we are going to pretend we are planning to visit the country of a Spanish speaking, famous person. From this, we will research and create a food menu to let your famous person know what your favourite food and drinks are for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


We advise that you complete one task per day, if possible.


Why not send us some photographs of your work to our school’s Twitter? We are particularly looking forward to seeing your mouth-watering menus and for the chef's amongst us your delicious spanish food!

Supporting Materials:

Home Learning Heroes

Well done for all of your hard work at home! 

And a special thanks to Honor, Sadie, Lily and Isabelle for the fantasic photographs!yes