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How are Mountains Formed?

Using our Year 3 knowledge of tectonic plates, we discussed how these move to create mountains on the earth’s surface. After learning about the five main types of mountain and their formation, we researched the tallest mountain above sea level to challenge our understanding!


‘Did you know Mount Everest grows on average 4mm per year?’ – Sophia"




Features of a Mountain

After learning about the five main types of mountain, we learned all about the key features of a mountain and created a glossary of the geographical vocabulary. This glossary will be used when we write our very own non-chronological report about mountains!




UK Coasts

In preparation for our fieldwork trip to Formby Beach, we are learning all about UK coastlines. Using Formby Beach and Durdle Door as examples, we learned about different coastal features and used our understanding to explain how they are formed through erosion.


'Did you know that sand is made when rocks are broken down by waves? This is called erosion!' - Amelia

'An arch is formed when a cave is eroded by the waves, causing a hole to form in the headland.' - Charlie


Formby Beach Fieldwork

To understand how and why the vegetation on Formby Beach changed over time, we examined the sand dunes at Formby to investigate the change in vegetation. Through the collection of evidence and sketches, we were able to understand that the dunes closer to the sea had less vegetation than those further away.