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Safer Internet Day 2021

The children took part in activities for Safer Internet Day 2021. The theme this year was how we can all work together to create an 'internet we trust.' Year 3 came up with many ways in which we can create an internet we trust. To display their ideas and learning the children created informative posters and infographics containing the rules they believe we should all follow. 



"It's important that we stay safe on the internet and we should make sure that we always follow the rules." Amy, Year 3. 

Using Logo Maker to create a pizza box logo


As part of Design and Technology, the children have been creating their own healthy pizzas and part of this was to create their own logo for their pizza boxes. The children used the logo maker app to create a colourful, original design using pictures, shapes and text. The children were able to manipulate the text and shapes into the design that they were happy with. Excellent graphic design skills were done by all! 




"I was able to create a logo design that I was happy with. My design had the Italian flag on, pictures of pizza and the title of pizza place. I was even able to change the colours of the background to my favourite colour." Sophia, Year 3. 


"I really enjoyed doing the graphic design today. My epic design stood out on my pizza box!" Luke, Year 3. 

Using Puppet Edu to create a digital presentation

The children used the search engine swiggle to research about the landmarks in Merseyside and screenshot various images for their presentation. Finally, using all their research, the children created a digital presentation using Puppet Edu. 


Safer Internet Day 2020


Tuesday 11th February was Safer Internet Day and the theme this year was 'Free to be'. So as part of this, Year 3 learned about why it's important to have an internet where you are free to be yourself and a place where everyone is equal. The children watched videos and took part in activities to understand the importance of their 'online identity' and keeping it safe. We also had a quiz on the children's understanding of the school's SMART rules. 


After this, the children were tasked with creating a poster to show, 'What a better internet looks to me'. They had to create an annotated poster that showed what changes they would do and why. They then got up in front of their classmates and presented their ideas.