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Ancient Greece – Childhood and Education


After learning about the childhood of Ancient Greek children, we were able to compare their experiences with our own. This helped us understand the many differences we have, especially in education!


'I was shocked to learn that boys in Sparta were sent to school to become warriors at aged 7!' - Layton


'I would like be a child in Athens so I can continue learning until I am 20.' - Zion



Ancient Rome - Major Event


After learning about the Roman invasions of Britain, we considered the question ‘Why was Claudius’ invasion of Britain successful?’ By comparing and contrasting this invasion to the prior invasions of Caesar, we were able to understand why Claudius’ succeeded where Caesar failed.


Exploring artefacts - Who were the Ancient Greeks/Romans?


Through the exploration of replica artefacts, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of the daily lives of ancient civilisations. It was fascinating to predict what the items were used for before discovering their real purpose and seeing if our guesses were accurate!