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Safer Internet Day 2020

For Safer Internet Day, Year 4 pupils have been learning about celebrating difference online to help us to work towards a truely inclusive internet.

Year 4's theme was about making pledges to create a better internet. To do this, pupils designed 'Free To Be Me' posters, in which showed their understanding and awareness of what 'online identify' means, how people are sometimes percieved by others they interact with online and how stereotyping can lead to people being unfairly discriminated against because of their online identity.


'I understand that it is important that we are free to be ourselves online and that nobody should be treated unfairly because of their online identity.' - Joe G


'Everyone should use the internet fairly and responsibly. Then we can all be free to be ourselves online!' - Urwah Y

Showing understanding of algorithms and sequencing

Year 4 pupils have been appling the knowledge and understanding of algotithms to write and sequencing coding instructions to make an onscrene character move from one postion to another. Children were able to critically evaluate and explain the choices they had made to sequence the code and understood what would happen if the coding sequence was incorrectly.


'I first, I could not get the character to move; however, when I checked the coding instructions in realised that the sequence was wrong, so I changed the order and it worked properly.' - William M


'It took me a couple of goes to get my coding sequence to work. I had to check that the code I had use was correct and that it was in the right order.' - Maggie D

E-Safety - SMART Rules

For the start of a new school year, our Year 4 pupils have been refreshing their knowledge of the E-Safety SMART rules. Building on their learning for Year 3, children showed a real understanding of the importance of not sharing personal information over the internet or meeting up with people who thave only been in contact with online. Children also showed an excellent awareness of who to tell if something they see online makes them feel uncomfortable or worried and what to do if they or someone they know is being bullied online.


'Now that I do more things online, I understand that it is important to follow the SMART rules to help protect my identity and personal imformation' - Ella G


'Some people say things online that aren't very nice, but now I know who to tell if it happens to me! I understand that the SMART rules can help me to stay safe online.' - Scarlett W