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Traditional Greek Cuisine

In learning about tradional Greek foods pupils showed a good understanding of how different tradional ingredients were, grown, reared and produced and how the location and the landscape on Greece influence the foods used in traditional Greek cuisine.

Also, throughout the project, pupils were able to show their understanding of how to use a range of equipment and how to prepare foods safely and correctly. In addition, pupils also showed a clear understanding of how to plan how their meals would be prepared and presented so that they would look appealing to their families at home.


'I knew that I wanted my Souvlaki skewer to look colourful and taste so I decided to put different coloured vegetables between the pieces of meal on my skewer.' - Chelsee


'I wanted to present my meal so that it looked appealing for my parents, so I planned how I was going to present it on my exploded diagram. I also knew that my dad didn't like garlic so I decided to put the Tzatziki sauce in a pot so it didn't go over all the other food.' - Max 

Torches - Applying cross-curricular knowledge and understanding

Year 4’s torches project, was an excellent opportunity for pupils to practically apply their cross-curricular knowledge and understanding of electricity of electrical circuits as well as enabling their to demonstrate their growing understanding of the iterative process of designing and making.

Not only was pupils understanding of electrical circuits evident in their annotated cross-sectional design drawings showing how their torch designs would work, but also in essembling and testing their torches to ensure their products worked correctly.


'Our torches project was a brilliant way of using our knowedge of electrical circuits that we learnt about in science to make a real working torch!' - Denny


‘When I tested my torch, it didn’t work so I checked all of the connections and saw that one of the wires wasn’t attached to the bulb holder properly. When I’d fixed the problem, I tested it again and the bulb lit up. It was amazing!' - Lilly