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Healthy Lunchboxes

During Year 4’s Healthy Lunchboxes project, pupils demonstrated their understanding of how to eat well, foods we should eat as part of healthy balanced diet, where food comes from and how it is grown, as well as, how to cook, prepare and combine ingredients in appropriate amounts to make tasty and healthy alternatives to typical lunchbox food items. 

In addition, in the labels they designed for their pasta salads, children showed their understanding of how to create a design in order to meet a design brief by creating packaging labels that were both aesthetically appealing and contained accurate nutritional information to consumers about ingredients included in their pasta dishes.


'I knew from making pizzas in Year 3 and from when we did taste testing that the tomato sauce was quite a strong flavour, so I only added a little bit at a time until the combination was just right.' - Lola B


'I wanted my packaging label to look really colourful so that people would notice it but I also knew that the nutritional information should be easy for people to read.' - Bobby H

Fantasy Torches

Year 4’s Fantasy torches project, was an excellent cross-curricular opportunity for pupils to apply their scientific knowledge and understanding of electric circuits and their components. In addition, it also enabled children to demonstrate their growing understanding of the iterative process of designing, making and evaluating.

Not only was this evident in the accuracy of children’s circuit diagrams and cross-sectional drawings showing how their torch designs would work, but also in the process children followed to continually test their prototype torches; revisiting their design diagrams to checking their circuits and make improvements to ensure all the electric components were correctly connected and their torches worked properly.


'Making torches was a brilliant way of using our understanding of electrical circuits that we’ve been learnt about in science!' - Alex H


‘When I tested my torch, it didn’t work so I checked all of the connections and saw that one of the wires wasn’t attached to the bulb holder properly. When I’d fixed the problem, I tested it again and the bulb lit up. It was amazing!' - Jessica R