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Non Excidet


Cooking and Nutrition - Applying our understanding

Throughout the project, we were able to show our understanding of where the ingredients we were using had come from and if it was grown, reared or caught. We also used own understanding of the bridge and claw technique into practice during food preparation and demonstrated a good awareness and understanding of safety in the kitchen.




Cooking and Nutrition - Following a recipe

To further improve our developing cooking skills, we independently followed a recipe to make hummus, which would accompany our couscous. We learned that recipes are important as they ensure we are making our product correctly. After reading the recipe, we followed the instructions to hand blend chickpeas to the correctly consistency and add any seasoning of our choice.




'Recipes tell us the next steps needed to complete our meal.' - Emma 


'It's important to follow a recipe because without one you might make a mistake, which could ruin the taste of your final product!' - Oscar

Textiles - Researching William Morris

After learning about William Morris in Art, we studied and evaluated a variety of Morris’ designs. Sharing our opinions with the class, we discussed how we could incorporate inspiration from Morris’ designs into our own textile creations.