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Moving Posters

Children explored and explained the difference between a slider, a lever and a linkage. They then moved onto identify levers and linkages in their peer's creations. After this, they followed a set of instructions to make a lever and linkage mechanism (moving poster).


"At first I found creating the linkages and levers difficult because they kept falling apart or they would rip. However, after a couple of go's I got better at it and understood how they connected." - Miya

How to make a Pizza


After we researched, prepared and made our pizza's Y3 created an instructional text demonstrating their understanding on how to make a pizza. Top tip, don't forget the yeast otherwise your pizza dough will not rise!

'In our school we have a very powerful oven so it takes less time to cook the pizza than it would if I was cooking the pizza in my house. When people use my instructions they will have to make some small changes because they may not like sweetcorn and chicken like I do!' - Ava-Rose.

Moving Pictures


We used our understanding of what we had learnt to create our own moving pictures based on the nativity scene. This included different aspects of the scene moving through the use of linkages and levers including moving stars, moving donkeys and even moving shepherds. 

"I really enjoyed showing my classmate what I had learnt during previous lessons. I was able to show I understood how to use linkages and levers as I created my own moving picture!"- Honey, C2


"It was a really good feeling knowing I had an understanding of the mechanisms we had focused on and this helped me as I created my own moving picture."- Lillie, C4



Making a Healthy Pizza


Once we had designed and made our own healthy pizza, we used our understanding of the process to create our own instructional text in order to explain the process to others. We listed the ingredients required before explaining the method used. Take a look at one of our examples below!

"Once we had made our own healthy pizza, we used developed our own instructional text so others can make their own pizza. We not only listed the ingredients needed, but we also explained the method needed to make a pizza. I can't wait to try and use what I have learnt to make a pizza at home!"- Riley, C3


"Writing my own instructional text on making a healthy pizza was really enjoyable. I feel confident in using what I now know to make my own pizza!"- Joseph, C4