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Exploring Artefacts 


Today, we explored artefacts from the Stone Age - Iron Age period of Britain. We used the artefacts to make inferences about their uses and what this tells us about the lives of the people of this period. 

Comparing Childhood and Education in Ancient Egypt and the Stone Age 


Today, Year 3 compared and contrasted childhood and education in both Ancient Egypt and our previous topic, the Stone Age period. We explored the similarities and differences between the two time periods and also made connections with our own childhoods in the present day.  

Major Figure: Cleopatra


Today we learnt about the final ruler of Ancient Egypt; Cleopatra. We created fact files about her life and significance and then broke into groups and asked, 'Was Cleopatra a good Queen?', making sure we backed up our answers with evidence


Here are some of our arguments...


"Yes because Egypt became more wealthy because she made good decisions"
-Lucas, C1


"No because she wasn't very good at working with other people, like her brother. Also I think she was a bit mean to Caesar and Mark Anthony because she just wanted them to help her win back the throne!"
-John, C4


"Yes because she worked really hard. When she was young she learnt to read and write in Greek which was not common in those days"

-Thomas, C3


"I think she was amazing because it wasn't common for women to be leaders but she didn't let that stop her and she still worked really hard to make Egypt a better place!"

-Amber, C1


Now you've heard the arguments, what do you think?