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Character Development

Before beginning to write our 'World Book Day' stories, we thought about the type of characters that we wanted to include. To help, we thought about the books we have read so far in Year 6, before comparing and contrasting some of our favourite characters:

I liked the character of Lady Macbeth.

She was machiavellian and determined to achieve domination.

One of my favourite quotes was when she advises Macbeth to,

'Look like th'innocent flower but be the serpent under't"" ..

(Maisie: C15)


In comparison, Lili thought about the character of Gretl from Clockwork by Phillip Pullman:


Gretl was a gentile yet strong-minded character.

She had a real sense of what was right, and what was wrong. 

(Sophia: C15)


I'm looking forward to getting to know the characters that our pupils will develop for their forthcoming stories. Will there be hints of the characters we have encountered so far during our story sessions? 



Drama for Understanding

After exploring the wordless picture book, 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan, we used drama to aide our understanding. We stepped into the shoes of one of the characters and thought about how they would be feeling at various points in the story. 


Book Reviews

Writing book reviews can help children engage more deeply with what they're reading, find their next favourite series or author and develop their writing skills. Therefore, in Year 6, we try and write an independent book review after each book we've read. We also find that writing book revIews helps to share our love of reading with other bookworms! This year, we have even used our virtual learning platform, 'Google Classroom' to write some reviews. Here is a selection of our most recent reviews, hopefully they will inspire you to read one of our recommendationssmiley

After our lesson today, I now know how to write an effective book review.

It's important to give a brief overview, parts you liked/disliked and an overall rating.

Most importantly of all, don't give away the ending!

(Thomas: Class 15)


I enjoyed sharing our book reviews at the end of our lesson today.

I am going to borrow Sherlock Holmes from the library, as after listening to a review,

I think I would enjoy it. Additionally, I have never read a crime fiction novel

and think this is something I would enjoy.

(Shay: Class 15)