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Judging a Book by its Cover


Year 3 are about the begin their new class read, 'Charlotte's Web'. Before we begin our story, we explored the front and back cover of the book and made our own inferences and predictions based on what we could see.  

Exploring 'The Boy with the Brozne Axe' 


In addition to having regular story sessions, we use our writing lessons to develop our understanding of our class book. This helps us blend the skills we learn in our writing lessons and our knowledge of our book in order to create some fantastic pieces of writing.  

Book Reviews

After reading, 'The Boy with the Bronze Axe' by Kathleen Fidler, year 3 pupils wrote a book review. We explored key themes within the story such as friendship, community and loyalty, as well as describing the main characters. Children practised their skills of summarising as they described the key events in the story, before then offering their overall opinion of the book.