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St Francis de SalesCatholic Junior School

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Weekly Lessons

Weekly lessons are one way in which we develop our reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Each lesson, we are introduced to new vocabulary, whilst also recapping that which we have learnt in previous lessons throughout our time at the school.


'If I'm not sure how to answer a question in Spanish, Señorita Smith gives me hints and I always get there in the end!' - Ava-Grace Jenkins

Cross-Curricular Understanding

Learning Spanish is not limited to our weekly lessons. We create opportunities throughout the curriculum to embed our knowledge of Spanish. For example, in our PE lessons, the teacher often gives instructions in Spanish.


"Everytime I run or jump, even at home, I think of the Spanish words because I'm so used to Mr Lindsey speaking Spanish in PE!"

Understanding through games/actions

Understanding through Written Tasks


Understanding through conversations