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Cross-Curricular Understanding

Learning Spanish is not limited to our weekly lessons. We create opportunities throughout the curriculum to embed our knowledge of Spanish. For example, in our PE lessons, the teacher often gives instructions in Spanish.


"Everytime I run or jump, even at home, I think of the Spanish words because I'm so used to Mr Lindsey speaking Spanish in PE!"

Ejecutar! - Run!
Counting to 10 in Spanish!
Rápido! - Quicker!
Saltar - Jump
Understanding through games/actions
Pronouncing animals correctly
Body Parts
Number bonds to 20!
La Boca - The mouth
Identifying classroom objects
Identifying mistakes in Spanish grammar

Understanding through Written Tasks


Labelling the human body
Listing the months of the year
Creating dialogue about where you live

Understanding through conversations



Answering questions about feelings
Greetings in Spanish
¿Cómo te llamas? What is your name?