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Tips for School Council speeches

Tips for School Council Speeches


Here are a few tips to help you on your way:


Work your speech out on paper.

Practise in front of an audience (mum, dad, gran, the dog etc.).

Speak slowly, loudly and clearly.

Make posters and messages - check your writing, spelling and grammar.

Ask permission before sticking anything up on the walls.


Your speech should include:


  • Introduce yourself e.g.  “Hello everyone my name is ………  and

        I’d like you to vote for me because ……..”

  • Tell everyone a bit about yourself e.g.  what are your interests  and strengths  “I have lots of ideas, am a good listener, very confident.”
  • Include the important things you would introduce and change

        e.g.      yard organisation, toilets, behaviour, prefects, litter, school meals.


Finally, try to convince everyone why you are the person for the job.   Put all your best points together e.g. “I’m sure that by now you can see I am the only person for the job.  I’m a good listener, have good ideas and get things done.  Vote for me!”




Good luck,


The School Council