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St. George’s Day Special!

For St. George’s Day, the School Council and Cook planned a special traditional English menu and the councillors decorated the dining room.
“Matty and I asked our cook, Vic, if he could cook some traditional English food on St. George’s Day. We talked about our ideas and Vic asked us what the other children would like to eat. What would we choose? Would it be roast dinner? What about fish and chips? Did children want jelly and ice-cream? Eventually we decided that the menu would be sausages, mash and beans with onion gravy. Vic said he would make a special St. George’s Day sponge with red and white icing and we could have fruit cordial to drink. Yum!”

“While people were eating their lunch, we took photographs and interviewed them to find out what they thought of the menu and if they wanted us to do any other special day menus.”
What did other pupils say about our St. George’s Day feast?
Hallea: “The sausages were very delicious; the cake was very tasty and it even had the England colours on it!”
Lucais: “I think the councillors have done a pretty good job.”
Holly: “The decorations are colourful and the flags are very big. We’ve got posters too with ‘St. George’s Day on them’…I just like them! They’re colourful and fun.”