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Saint George's Day 2017

Saint George's Day

This year in school we celebrated the feast day of our patron saint, Saint George.

As usual, we marked the occasion with Saint George's Day bunting and flags in the dining hall and we had special cake and traditional English food. The day started off with an assembly in the hall where we learned about Saint George. We also had parties in our classes and watched films!


Each year group took part in activities to mark the feast day. Year 3 all completed a reading comprehension which taught them all about the story of Saint George and the Dragon. It was a really interesting story and the children all enjoyed learning about Saint George.


Year 4 also did some work on Saint George. They enjoyed watching a video about George and the Dragon and learning all about the myth. They also looked at the true story about Saint George and wrote fact files about him. Year 4 liked learning and comparing the truth to the myth about the dragon in the lake.


Year 5 compared the true story and the myth about the dragon. They looked closely at the similarities and differences between the two stories and discussed them together in their classes.


"I was astonished by the facts I learned about Saint George! I had a lovely time." - Niamh (Class 2)


"We got to watch Brave and have a mini party, it was boss!" - Charlie (Class 2)


"I had some special cake at lunch with the flag of Saint George on it!" - Daisy (Class 2)