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Ridiculous Writers - 100 word story writing competition!


Have you read the one about the GANGSTA BOGEY? Or the SINGING BISCUIT? What about the CLUMSY WIZARD or the FORGETFUL CHEF? No? Well, today could be your lucky day! 


Create a story alive with ideas, laughter and imagination! Ridiculous Writers creative writing competition lets kids be kids, encouraging you to be creative, imaginative and original whilst having fun and enjoying writing!


Adding the challenge of planning and writing a mini saga, a story told in just 100 words, means that you tick the technical skills box too.


Closing date is 30th April - please emai all entries to - we will post all entries to this webpage and also Tweet them out from our Twitter address!


Previous Winner Example:


This is an example from a previous writing competition from "Young Writers". The competition asked children to write a diary extract with a difference...


The Big Decision For A Robot


Dear Diary,

Today, I had to make a big decision. I had to
choose between keeping the humans happy or
keeping myself happy. I (used to) work at a
Starbucks in Chicago, Illinois, and insults were
coming towards me. At the time, I made nothing of
it, considering the humans were just picky about
their choice of sustenance. But today that
changed. One of my customers was a very rich
man, according to my database. I made his coffee
as I usually did, but I malfunctioned at the moment
when I was handing him his cup. I spilt it on him.
He cursed at me and called me names, but the one
that really stuck with me was 'scrap pile'.

Something inside me snapped. I was feeling anger!
At that moment, I had to make a choice: stay true
to my purpose or do what made me happy. I chose
the latter. I slammed his head against the counter
and knocked him out, stole his money and put his
clothes on. Thankfully, the model of machine I am
looks almost like a human.

I'll find a safe place and hope to free others from
their shackles. I just hope I can help them...


By Oliver Scollan (11)