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Pupil Voice

"In Spanish lessons we have been learning about the different body parts. Did you know the Spanish word for head is cabeza?" Molly (Year 3)


"I really enjoy Spanish lessons because I am taught in a range of ways. The use of actions and songs within lessons has helped with my understanding. Furthermore, I enjoy learning about Spanish culture and I cannot wait to learn more!" Alfie (Year 4)


"We went to the Spanish restaurant La Vina and we tried traditional Spanish dishes. My favourite dish was albondigas (meatballs) or croquetas de pollo (chicken croquettes). I loved visiting the restaurant and definitely want to try more Spanish cuisine." Lizzy (Year 4)


"I love Spanish lessons! Not only do we get to learning a different language, but we also have the opportunity to explore a different culture which is extremely fascinating." Dominic (Year 5)


"Barcelona was the trip of a lifetime. Not only did I have the chance to explore such a beautiful city, but also I enjoyed having the opportunity to use the Spanish I have learnt in action in order to communicate with the locals." Eva (Year 6)