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St. Francis de Sales Catholic Junior School

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Our Core Values

Our Core Values


Service is, we believe, our fundamental role. As a school we serve God and the church in faithfulness. We serve the children and the whole school community through our commitment to ensuring the best possible opportunities for success, happiness and change lives for the better. In so doing we serve society by developing and becoming responsible, confident and aspirational Christian citizens.


Faithfulness encompasses our spiritual relationship with God and the church. We keep Christ’s example at the heart of all we do, with Gospel values to guide us in living out our faith as exemplary role models. Through our work we praise God.


Integrity encapsulates a full and unwavering dedication to our mission and each other. When honesty and humility are integral to our actions and choices we have self-respect, dignity and pride. This makes us worthy of trust and loyalty.


Compassion characterises how we treat all others. This is with kindness, friendship and respect. Where love is, God is.