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Who had power in the Stone Age - Iron Age period of Britain? 


In this lesson, we used sources to research and collate facts about the power system of prehistoric Britain. We found out about symbols of power, organisational power, monuments of power and the earliest forms of trade! After this, we used our oratorical skills to present our findings to the class. 

The Legacy of the Ancient Egyptians


Legacy: something which is handed down from one period of time to another period of time.


This lesson, we learnt about the legacy left by the Ancient Egyptians and how they have influenced and impacted our world today. We explored how their methods of living, from telling the time to writing, was not only remarkable for the time but is very much present in modern life. Additionally, we researched a series of questions about the legacy of Ancient Egypt and presented our findings to the class. 



Charlie, Class 4 said: "I think the biggest legacy which the Ancient Egyptians left was writing because they were the first people to write. They used symbols called hieroglyphics but today we use letters in the alphabet."



Denva, Class 4 said: "The Egyptians invented towers to help them tell the time by how the sun moves. Today we have clocks! They also invented lots of tools that doctors use today."