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Continents, Oceans and the Equator



Today, the children accurately positioned the continents on a ball to create a world globe. They also had to label the oceans and using string, show the equator. To ensure they did this successfully, the children had to work in pairs discuss with each other on how to correctly create their globe. When they had completed the globe, each group presented their globe and spoke about what they had learnt. 


"I enjoyed working with my partner to create our globe. We had to listen to each other to make sure that we labelled it correctly with the continents. I felt confident presenting our globe to the rest of the class." Olivia, Class 2.

Using our knowledge and understanding of the UK counties and landuse, we used PuppetEdu to create a digital presentation based on Merseyside, which is a county in the United Kingdom, before orally presenting it to our class. We not only focused on using subject specific vocabulary, but we also focused on our Standard English, speaking clearly and making eye contact with our audience. 


After each of our presenations, our class members asked us questions based on our what we had included. Answering these questions presented us with the opportunity to further demonstrate our understanding as we were able to explain the points we had made in more detail. 

"We were able to show our understanding of counties and the landmarks found in Merseyside when we used PuppetEdu. Standing in front of the class and showing everyone what I know now and sharing the knowledge I have learnt made me feel extremely proud." - Jake, C1


"Creating a PuppetEdu presentation and sharing my understanding of Merseyside and the landmarks found in the county was really exciting. I enjoyed having the opportunity to show the rest of my class what I had learnt." - John, C2


"Presenting my PuppetEdu presentation to the rest of my class not only enabled me to show my understanding of counties and landmarks found in Merseyside, but it also gave me the opportunity to focus on my oracy skills. I focused on ensuring I spoke clearly with a good pace and also ensuring I made eye contact with the rest of my class."  - Isabella, C4