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Making Artisan Bread

After designing and making their bread, Year 5 were able to discuss and evaluate the procedures and practises used throughout the bread making process. They were able to identify successful aspects of the project and discuss areas for improvement.


The children discussed the following questions:

Can you describe the success of your design and final outcome including what you did well?

What difficulties or challenges did you face during the project?

What aspects of your bread design would you change if you were to make it again?

Electrical Systems

Mechanical Systems: Pulleys

Presenting our Designs 

After our bridges were completed, we presented our findings from the design process to the class.

We were asked the following questions:

  • What problems did you encounter?
  • How did you overcome these problems?
  • What would you do differently next time? 
When presenting our ideas, we ensured that we used the correct technical vocabulary when discussing our bridges. We need to be able to justify our design choices and what we thought went well during the process. Alongside this, we needed to maintain eye contact with our audience and speak with confidence. 
'At first, our group couldn't agree and began to bicker about how we needed to fix certain problems. With a little bit of support from our teacher, we were able to communicate more effectively and work better as a team.' - Miley, Class 9