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Traditional Greek Cuisine

After research traditional Greek dishes and taste testing a varierty of ingredients, not only were pupils able to express their ideas and justify their reasoning about which ingredients they would include in each of the dishes, but also they were able to explain how they would present their finished meals at home so that they would be appealing to their families.


'I wanted to present my meal using the Pitta bread as pocket to display my salad and Souvlaki skewer. I also wanted to keep Tzatziki in the pot instead of putting all over the other food so that people could choose how much they wanted to use.' - Charlie J 


'I crumbled the Feta cheese over the top of my salad instead of leaving it in cubes so that people would get a little bit of it with every bite. I also chose to cut my Pitta bread into triangles and present it on the side of the plate so that it stayed dry.' - Lola F

Fantasy Torches

As part of creating their designs, children were able to verbal express their ideas, justify their choices and explain how their finished torches would look and work.


' I wanted to make a Pokemon catching torch that could be used by either boys or girls.' - Scott B, Class 5

Children were also able to describe the process which they followed to make their torches and explain what they had done to test out and improve their products to ensure that their electrical circuits were complete and their torches worked properly.


'Making the electric circuit was really tricky! I had to make sure that all the electrical components were connected correctly so that my torch would work properly.' - Dillan S