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Non Excidet


Cooking and Nutrition - Explaining choices and evaluating ingredients 

After experiencing new ingredients in a preference test, we are able to express our opinions about each food we have tried and justify our reasons for including/not including the ingredient in our final product. 



         'I enjoyed the tomato because it tasted fresh.'                    I didn't choose meat for my omelette as I am a vegetarian.'


Design - Explaining design choices

 Not only do we self-evaluate our own designs, but we also offer verbal feedback to support and improve our class mates design ideas. 



'I could improve my own design by adding less detail and focusing on how to make it move.' - Sophia



Not only do we complete a formal evaluation after we have made our product, but we are constantly evaluating our performance throughout every unit of D&T. Through class discussion of ingredients/research, peer-to-peer evaluation on each other’s designs and self-evaluation during the make stage, we are constantly engaging in a iterative design process and using our oracy skills along the way.



'I chose this design because I am a big fan of Disney and wanted to challenge myself to make a product that people would recognise. I think I met this challenge as my final product looked very similar to my design!' - Ava


 'I would improve my pillow by using different stitches.' - Victoria


'Next time, I would add petals to my flower so it looks finished.' - Dani