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Using Oracy Skills in Lessons


An essential part of Spanish involves the pupils using both their speaking and listening skills to not only practise their newly-acquired vocabulary out loud, but also to perfect the correct Spanish pronunciations. Here are some examples of our pupils practising their oracy skills in Year 4:


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Where do the animals live?

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"Where does the lion live?"
"The lion lives in the savanna"
"Where does the dolphin live?"
"The dolphin lives in the sea"

Pupil Voice


'When you talk about the weather in Spanish, 'hace' is a really tricky word to pronounce because you don't say the letter 'h' at the beginning of the word. Also, the letter 'c' doesn't make the same sound as it does in English - it makes a 'th' sound. You have to use your tongue to make this sound!'




'The hardest letter to pronounce in Spanish is 'j'. Drawing in art is my favourite subject; in Spanish this is 'el dibujo'. It is not pronounced the same as it is in English - you have to make a really hard sound from the back of your throat!'