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Common Questions

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Each lesson, we recap common greetings in Spanish in order to improve our fluency.

"In Spanish, you have to be really careful with how you pronounce different words because you might accidently say the wrong thing! When you say dog (perro), you have to roll the 'r' on your tongue and it took me lots of practise!"

Charlie Jones

¿Que animal te gusta?

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Throughout our Spanish lessons, we use our speaking and listening skills to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the language. Often we listen and repeat key vocabulary or ask and respond to questions with peers. 


Some of the key skills we have learned this year include:

- Using phrasing to ensure pauses happen at correct times

- Using different tones of voice to help with expression in conversational Spanish

- Avoid mumbling and enunciate Spanish words clearly

- Use appropriate hand gestures to help remember key vocabulary

- Allow others to finish their points without interrupting them


See our photos of oracy in action, below!