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St. Francis de Sales Catholic Junior School

Non Excidet

New school badge

How the new badge was designed.


After many years of loyal and distinguished service, we decided it was time to retire the existing school badge. We wanted an emblem that that has gravitas and more fully represents our Catholic ethos, ambitious aspirations and high standards as a school, whilst telling the story of our patron St. Francis de Sales. Each element has been carefully chosen in order to meet this vision.


The Cross

This is the eastern cross of St Francis de Sales and can be found on the St Francis de Sales medal. He lived at a time when the eastern and western Christian churches were not united and it represents his wish for them to come together in peace.


The Book

In 1923 Pope Pius XI proclaimed him a patron of writers and journalists because he made extensive use of broadsheets and books both in spiritual direction and in his efforts to convert the Calvinists of the region. St. Francis also developed a sign language in order to teach a deaf man about God. Because of this, he is the patron saint of the deaf too.


The Fleur-de Lis; symbol of France

Francis was born on 21 August 1567 in the Château de Sales into the noble Sales family of the Duchy of Savoy, in what is today Thorens-Glières, Haute-Savoie, France. He was baptized Francis Bonaventura, after two great Franciscan saints.


The Mitre and Staff

In 1602 he was consecrated Bishop of Geneva, but resided in Annecy (now part of modern-day France) because Geneva remained under Calvinist control and was therefore closed to him. His diocese became famous throughout Europe for its efficient organisation, zealous clergy and well-instructed laity. These were monumental achievements in those days.



The colours chosen are from his episcopal coat of arms; red, yellow, blue and black.



‘Non Excidet” is in Latin and translates as “He shall not falter, fail or fall away”. To us this means everyone at this school embodies Christ’s teachings always and a relentless determination to succeed in whatever we do.


We hope you agree that that our vision has been fully realised in this superb, traditional design which, nevertheless, has a modern and distinguished feel to it. Many thanks to the graphic designer who worked so patiently and skilfully with us.