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When children see their parents and teachers working together, they feel more secure and confident. Taking an interest in your child's education will help your child do better in school. Your child's teacher can provide advice about helping your child learn to read.


Here are some topics you could discuss with the teacher:


  • your child's reading level
  • the reading goals for your child and how you can support your child in working towards those goals
  • books that your child could read easily and books that he or she would find more difficult
  • books and authors your child might enjoy
  • the level of your child's interest in reading – for example, whether he or she chooses to read for enjoyment
  • books or guides that could help you help your child


Your child's teacher can suggest a variety of strategies that your child can and should use to learn how to read, and especially to get through difficult passages. For example, your child's teacher may suggest some or all of the following strategies for your child to try if he or she gets stuck on a word:


  • Think about what word would make sense in the story or sentence.
  • Sound the word out.
  • Think of a word that looks and sounds similar.
  • Look for parts of the word that are familiar.
  • Think about what word would sound right in the sentence.
  • Check the pictures and the punctuation marks for clues.
  • Go back and read again.
  • Ask for help with the word.